Volunteers have installed 1,500 bricks at the World War II Memorial at Veterans Park in Wichita and a directory to show the location of each one. The commemorative bricks honor World War II veterans and pave three walkways that lead up to the thick, two-panel granite memorial. The bricks were offered at $100 each to help raise funds for the project. Originally, planners thought they would sell 500 bricks for the memorial, but a second and third walkway were added to keep up with the demand.

The bricks are engraved with the name of a World War II veteran, branch of service, theater of operation and dates of service.

A directory of the names was installed in April 2017, marking the memorial’s completion.

The project was named “Operation Kilroy,” after the famous drawing of a bald man poking his long nose over a wall next to an inscription “Kilroy was here.” The drawing was placed all over the nation and in war theaters during World War II. It is engraved in one of the panels of the memorial.

All the bricks have been sold. Thank you for your support to bring this World War II Memorial to life.