Welcome to our website. We sincerely appreciate your visiting us and on behalf of the Board of Directors, I would encourage you to review, share and interact with us. It is our intention that this website be a living and active tribute to those who served America, and the world, so gallantly in World War II. It is also our hope that you will be inspired to visit Veterans Memorial Park and see all of the monuments and Memorials, including the World War II Memorial that is the focus of this website.

The World War II Monument ties together the eight previously existing memorials in Veterans Memorial Park and identifies them as "World War II Row." The Memorial is intended to be a tangible tribute to loved ones, heroes and history. It will stand here forever ... to honor those who so gallantly served America.

The Memorial consists of two black granite panels, each six feet tall and eight inches thick. One panel addresses all U.S. Military campaigns during World War II and lists the eight existing memorials. The other panel includes a reference to the 16.3 million veterans who served in the War and lists all of the branches of service and the 400,000 who made the supreme sacrifice for their country.

Of course, the heart of the Memorial is the 1,511 bricks honoring those who served ... in three distinct pathways with 175 rows. The original plan was for 500 bricks in one area. However, the popularity of the Memorial and the ability to recognize and honor the veterans of World War II far exceeded our every expectation.

In completing the Memorial with the installation of a Directory of names (dedicated on May 28, 2017), we have fulfilled and accomplished the dream of Philip W. Blake, a veteran of World War II and the unofficial "Commandant" of Veterans Memorial Park. While Phil died before final completion of the Memorial, it was his vision, energy and determination that helped shaped the final result.

– Ted D. Ayres, President